Security Lighting – Domestic

Security lighting not only provides aesthetic benefits to your home but, crucially, will literally shed light on any suspect behaviour to help safeguard your property.

Domestic security lighting solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years and have been backed by police as the recommended ‘first line of defence’ against criminal behaviour; such is its efficiency in deterring petty crimes and vandalism.

There’s much more to security lighting than just bracketing a couple of lights on your garden wall; being able to control your lighting system is a desirable and effective feature that requires expertise. That’s where PAL Security come in. We’ve seen it all since our family-run business began in 1984, so we’re well equipped on how best to install, control and maintain home security lighting systems.

We can offer PIR (passive infra-red) control, Low Energy Night Lights, LED lighting, time switches and other features such as zone management and internal sounders – all of which will help increase the security in and around your home.

Lights can even be integrated with existing security measures; certain movement detectors and controllers can be networked to trigger not only floodlights or infrared illumination control, but also CCTV cameras, DVR’s, pagers and other alarm devices.

Whether you require internal or external security lighting, speak to PAL Security. We provide and maintain security lighting systems for homes across Preston, Lancashire and the north-west and we’re happy to visit your home and provide a free on-site consultation.