Fire Alarms – Commercial

Fire alarms for business premises are governed by legislation and if your company isn’t compliant, you could find yourself in very hot water.

At PAL Security we can ensure your company is covered, in terms of both fire safety and workplace regulations. We can undertake a full on-site fire risk assessment first and foremost and advise you on all Regulatory Reform (Order 2005) matters so that you’re compliant with the law.

The law applies to individuals who are:

  • Responsible for business premises
  • An employer (or self-employed) with business premises
  • Responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business
  • A charity or voluntary organisation
  • A contractor with a degree of control over any premises

Our team of SSAIB-accredited and knowledgeable fire safety experts can advise on matters that need to be considered and we can also help you understand the latest British Standards to ensure you’re hitting the mark.

It is estimated that around 80% of businesses stricken by fire never trade again, emphasising how the impact of a fire can leave a devastating effect. That’s why it’s essential to protect your property and the people within it through effective and reliable fire safety measures.

Our experience working with businesses across the north-west dates back to 1984, assisting them in protecting their premises from the threat of fire and smoke. We’re based in Preston and largely serve local businesses but also stretch to other areas of Lancashire.

We can provide your company with the latest and most reliable alarm systems and fire safety equipment, from state of the art detectors to extinguishers, blankets and ladders.

We can also provide on-site risk assessments for your premises, which are required by law if you employ more than five people. Contact PAL today and we can talk you through all the options available to ensure your company is fully prepared in the case of fire and wholly compliant too.