Access Control Systems – Commercial

Controlling access into and within your business premises is an essential security requirement, not only in terms of crime prevention but also for the basic welfare of your staff. If you’re looking to safeguard your company building with access control, PAL Security can discuss all the available options with you, relying on 30 years’ experience in commercial security across Preston and Lancashire.

In a nutshell, access control systems allow you to determine who has access to both the premises as a whole, and to individual rooms within it, in order to create a safer environment for your business.

There are numerous added facets beyond crime prevention; for example, access control systems can help identify where your personnel are on-site, secure parts of your premises in an emergency, reduce timesheet procedures, integrate with HR systems for monitoring purposes, help with car park management and even integrate with new or existing security systems such as intruder alarms and CCTV.

The added bonus is convenience; with standard lock and key systems businesses can be targeted for theft and damage whereas electronic access controls allow you to block lost or stolen key cards from the system to ensure continuing safety. It also allows for smooth transitions when staff come and go.

PAL Security experts can offer a free on-site consultation, if you’re based in or around Lancashire, to talk you through the potential options to suit your requirements, whether that’s an individual access control for a single entry or multiple entry points with systems using voice and video entry, pin numbers, key fobs or swipe-operated locks. The choices are considerable, so let our expertise guide you through the decision-making process.