Alarm Systems – Domestic

Since PAL Security formed in 1984, we’ve seen great technological advances in intruder alarm systems and have strived to stay ahead of the game, upholding the very latest product features and designs.

Unfortunately in this timeframe we’ve also seen hundreds of disconsolate home-owners who have had their personal belongings – of high monetary and often sentimental value – pilfered by burglars. The feeling of intruders in your own home is one that many people find difficult to shake and the trauma can even lead to families moving away from what was previously a happy family home.

For 30 years we’ve been committed to keeping homes across Preston and Lancashire safe and, in the present day, there has never been as much choice when it comes to domestic security.

We have the latest state-of-the-art systems, alarms with monitoring, wireless systems and much more; offering around-the-clock support and maintenance to ensure full peace of mind whether you’re tucked up in bed or miles from home.

Whether you require an off-the-shelf alarm or a bespoke system tailored to your needs, we can find the perfect solution in accordance with the most recent standards and accreditations.

PAL Security is certified by SSAIB which promotes high standards of service within the security and fire communities. We also hold the latest UKAS accreditations in accordance with the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board.

A recent Home Office study into criminal activity, which conducted interviews with convicted burglars, illustrated that thieves saw alarm systems as the ‘most risky’ factor when attempting a robbery with over 90% stating that a monitored alarm was a major put-off.

Contact PAL Security and take steps to secure your home today.