Fire Alarms – Domestic

Fire alarms for the home or for business premises contain very different requirements and are covered by varied legislation; all of which is crucial to adhere to or you’ll find you could be breaking the law and certainly invalidating any potential insurance claim.

At PAL Security, we’re here to ensure you’re future-proofed against a possible house fire and our thirty years’ expertise means we’re perfectly positioned to safeguard your home.

Unfortunately, the facts about house fires in the UK make for grim reading with 500-fire related deaths from around 60,000 fire incidents every year. The majority of these occur overnight during the hours of midnight and 6am.

Most house fires are caused by electrical equipment misuse, mainly cooking appliances. The smoke generated by home fires is thick and dark and even the smallest fires can get out of control in less than 30 seconds. Make sure that every member of the family knows that speed is of the essence in escaping a house fire.

In no uncertain terms – every household should have a fire and smoke alarm and a fire safety procedure.

Evidence proves that the number of fatalities from domestic fires reduce when the home contains a smoke alarm which emit loud signals when smoke particles trigger the sensor. They’re affordable, quick to install and simple to maintain – a cost-effective way to potentially safeguard your family home.

Ionisation and Photoelectric smoke alarms are the most popular devices, both unique in the way they are triggered yet both equally effective, offering the first line of defence to fires in the home. We can also talk you through other crucial fire safety measures such as wireless fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and PAL Security can install and maintain all fire safety features to ensure your home is completely fire-safe in the future.

It is important that you choose a product which carries a British Standard or equivalent approval symbol. You can rest assured that all our products and services are accredited and will ensure you and your home doesn’t become an unwanted statistic.

Contact PAL today – fire safety and security specialists across Preston and Lancashire – and we can offer a free home consultation and risk assessment.